Manifesting Part Deux

Okay, so I may not have manifested an Optima Hybrid, but I did still manifest a Kia. A 2009 Kia Borrego, to be exact. And it has leather seats and a sunroof, along with keyless entry, push to start, navigation, and all of those great things that the Hybrid has. It's also HUGE (well, mid-size,... Continue Reading →



It's hard to find good girlfriends. You know, the ones that will stick by you through thick and thin. The ones that will tell you when there's lipstick on your dump the jerk you're so in love with...and to stop being afraid and go after that job you've always wanted. The ones that will... Continue Reading →

Write a letter

With text messaging, e-mails, DMs, IMs, tweets, etc. sometimes it's nice to get a letter in the mail. Not a card from Hallmark. Not a postcard from Paris. But a nice, hand-written letter. There's something about a letter that's so warm and personal. It shows that someone really took time out of their busy day... Continue Reading →


I'm officially a blogger! I've set up this blog, which is taking off, if I must say so myself. I enjoy writing posts. It's a nice creative outlet. If there is anything that you'd like me to write about in particular, then leave a comment. Also, don't forget to follow or subscribe by tomorrow, April... Continue Reading →

Baby Lips

I love the Baby Lips balm by Maybelline. It makes my lips feel soft and smooth without too much shine, color, and stickiness. This is especially helpful when I'm giving my two favorite men kisses. It also helps to keep my lips naturally moisturized, especially during these harsher than usual winter months. Until next time... Continue Reading →

Pretty Girl Music

When I want feel sexy and feminine, I just listen to Beyonce's new self-titled album on iTunes. It makes me feel free and wanted. I can't help but toss my hair to "Drunk in Love," wind my hips to "Partition," lick my lips to "Blow," and arch my back to "Rocket." "Mine," "Flawless" and "Pretty... Continue Reading →

Violet Fitbit Flex

My son is only four months, so, I still have a baby weight pass (for now). However, if I don't start working on it now then I won't be able to use the "I just had a baby" excuse for much longer. So, yesterday, I bought the Violet Fitbit Flex. My goal is to start... Continue Reading →

When to Say Goodbye to Your Man

Despite what popular shows like Scandal say, there are definite times to say goodbye to your man, especially if he is a deadbeat. Here are my top 5 deuces moments. 1. Cheating IMO cheating is a deal breaker. However there are levels to having an affair, so let's be clear. I can forgive flirting, texting,... Continue Reading →


I've already said that I'm a huge fan of Denise Duffield-Thomas. She talks a lot about manifesting what you want by speaking it out, writing a goal about it and owning what's yours. She says to live as if you already have what you want. So, above is the picture of my new car. It's... Continue Reading →

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