Stop Sweat in its Tracks


With summer around the corner, many pretty girls are thinking about cute pairs of short shorts and D&G sandals. With the warm weather comes sundresses, longer days, beach vacations…and hot temperatures. And while that pink crop top may look fab on you, deodorant and sweat stains do not.

Speaking personally, I sweat a lot and it drives me nuts. No matter how much deodorant I put on, it doesn’t seem to help. That is, until I found Certain Dri roll on. It is heaven sent.

All you do is put it on at night before bed and let it go to work. The active ingredients in the roll on work best with your body chemistry while it is at rest. When you wake up, your arm pits will smell clean and most importantly, stay dry. No lie.

I find that when I consistently use it every night it tends to work best. You can find it at any drugstore, Target or Walmart for about $7. Money well spent.

Until next time pretty girl.


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