The hubby & I went to the mall yesterday and couldn’t resist going into Lush. The only thing not to like about that place is that it’s not bigger! I always like to try new things every time I go in there.

This time I picked up the Tiny Hands moisturizer (review to come) and a block of their Rock Star soap. I must say that it smells amazing. My husband couldn’t stop smelling it (and neither could I!).

I love this soap because it’s all-natural, it’s my favorite shade of pink, it makes my skin feel so soft and smells like a million bucks!

Not to mention that when I used it, my bathroom smelled great for hours. I bought 3 ounces for about $11, which should last at least a month…a little goes a long way.

Until next time pretty girls!


2 thoughts on “LUSHesness

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  1. I love the rock star soap too like there’s no tomorrow! I always have a back up slice somewhere in the apartment. I loooove the smell! Have you tried the Godmother soap? that’s my other favorite sweet scented Lush soap!

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