Catching Waves


Straight hair is sleek and professional. Curls are soft and feminine. But waves, waves are sensual and sexy. Having hair that’s full of body and bounce just screams s-e-x.

But who has the time to wash and condition and blow dry and straighten and curl lightly and spray and tossle and…I could go on. One way to avoid all of the work and still get bed hair (the good kind) would be to do the following:

-wash and condition those luscious locks.
-put a dab of leave in conditioner in your hands and run it through your wet hair.
-section your hair into four sections (for large waves) and 6-8 sections (for tighter waves).
-braid each section and pin it up with a bobby pin.
-let air dry while watching Scandal.
-take out when dry, finger brush and hairspray.
-beat the men off with a stick.

You can even let it dry while you sleep as long as your hair is only slightly damp.

If you’re pressed for time (hot date in one hour) you can still turn heads with this amazing style. Just brush your hair thoroughly and spray with dry shampoo. Then, use a crimper to get that body wave look. It takes ten minutes, but it’ll look like you spent hours. I like the Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver ($39.99).



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