Smooth as a Mummy’s Tummy


While I was at the mall the other day, one of those pesky kiosk salesman tried to convince me to buy some Dead Sea salt scrub and lotion and yadda, yadda, yadda.

You can always tell that it’s a rehearsed sales pitch. Their job is to convince you that they’re giving you something for free. His exact words were, “You’re not spending money, you’re investing in yourself.” Smile.

Needless to say, he was a really charismatic guy and I thoroughly enjoyed his sales pitch, even though I knew that I was being sold.

I told him about my blog, Pretty Girl’s Review and that I had just had a baby and desperately wanted to get rid of the stretch marks on my belly. I know that they won’t completely disappear, but if they could diminish that would be great. They are really dark and wide from all of the stretching. I was so big that people thought I was having twins.

He said that the scrub and lotion would be good for rejuvenating the skin on my tummy and helping the stretch marks heal and diminish over time. We’ll see.

He said that they cost $60 each, but I’m sure they are only worth $10 each, if that. But they feel good and smell good. And my hands still felt soft all day.

Instead of paying $120, I got them for free. Yep. Free. My favorite word. I just have to agree to write an honest review about the products.

So far I’ve only used them on my hands. The scrub keeps them soft (although sugar would do the same thing for much less) and the lotion smells delicious and makes my hands so soft (but so does Bath & Body Works, again, for much less).

The only way that I’m going to write a review recommending these products is if they really help with my stretch marks. I’ll give it a month and write an update.

If you have any ideas about how to get rid of stretch marks after having a baby, be sure to comment below.

Until next time pretty girl!




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