iPhone or Andoid?


My first smartphone was a Palm. It was pink and had both a keyboard and a touchscreen. I loved that phone and kept it until it died.

My next smartphone was an iPhone 4. I loved that phone too. It was small and cute and the App Store had all of the apps I could ever want or need.

After about two years I decided that I wanted to get a Samsung Galaxy S3. The commercials won me over. I liked the bigger screen and all of the features that the iPhone didn’t have, like the swype keyboard (which I still miss).

After getting a Galaxy I was happy for about a year. I loved the live wallpapers. I had the Zen Garden wallpaper app and used the Sakuri theme in Spring with the tree and birds.

One thing that I hated about it was the Google play store. IMO the app selection in the google store is a lot less extensive.

Then, when I got pregnant, I couldn’t look at my phone without getting nauseous. I don’t know if it was the screen, my eyes or what, but I could only make and receive calls for the entire ten months (also found out that pregnancy is 40 weeks or 10 months, not 9).

For my push present, Chris bought me an iPhone 5s, which I love!!!! I had been complaining about my android forever and I knew that once I went back to iPhone I would never go back to Android.

And I won’t.

I love iPhone and I will be an Apple girl forever. Even when I bought a tablet I decided to buy an iPad. Other tablets were a lot cheaper but I knew I just wouldn’t be as satisfied.

I like the clean, crisp look of Apple products and the fact that most app developers make an app for the App Store. I love seeing them advertised in commercials and movies and entertainment. I think that Apple products are the “it” products of our time and they just keep getting better.

For example, I love the fingerprint scanner. Just being able to touch the phone to open it is so convenient. And the iOS updates are nice. However, I’m not that in love with the latest 7.1 update. I’ll just have to give it time.

So, are you team iPhone or team Android?

Until next time pretty girl!


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