Morning Elixir


About a month ago, I joined Tone It Up’s Nutritional program for $150. I consider it to be a good investment for two reasons:

1. The Booty Call
2. Meta-D

While there are amazing recipes and ideas and while there is a lifetime membership and free updates, these are the only two things that I have added to my daily routine.

The booty call is just a 30 minute workout to get your blood pumping and burning calories first thing in the morning. The second thing is a drink called Meta-D.

I’ve seen this recipe in differently places, so I don’t think they own rights to it. Many weight loss sites discuss the benefits of apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

The recipe below is exactly how they prepare it. I substitute lemon juice for apple juice because lemon juice is detoxifying.

For this and other recipes, go to


-1 to 2 tbsp. Apple cider vinegar
-6 oz. of water
-2 oz. organic apple juice
-1tsp. cinnamon
-Small sprinkle of cayenne pepper

Mix and drink. I usually chug it. It tastes bad, but it makes me feel so good.


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