I got 20 dollars in my pocket…


I must admit that I’ve been a thrift shopper long before Macklemore made it cool. I love going into Goodwill and rummaging through their racks for amazing finds. Sometimes you can find name brand items and items that are brand new with the tags still on them. One time I found a Coach bag for four bucks and a friend of mine found some Kate Spade loafers for three dollars.

I know a stay at home mom who makes supplemental income by finding name brand clothes in consignment shops and selling them at mark-up prices on ebay. She makes pretty good money doing this, which helps with everyday household expenses. While I wouldn’t quit my day job to go Goodwill hunting (pun intended), it may be something that I try this summer while I’m off work in order to make a little extra cash.

What are some ways that you make extra cash?

Until next time pretty girl!


One thought on “I got 20 dollars in my pocket…

  1. I like to sell back DVDs, CDs and books to the local Hastings books & music store. They give you a store credit or cash, depending on how much you sell back. It’s a good way to get some $$ or credit toward new things in store! 🙂

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