Spice up Your Sex Life with Apps


Boring sex life? There’s an app for that. Literally, you can find almost any app in the App Store. And since everyone has their smartphones with them 24/7, it’s a great idea to use it in order to improve your sex life. While some apps are paid, there are a lot of free apps out there too, it just takes some digging. I llke to put the word “sex” in the app search box and see what comes up. Below I have listed some of my favorite apps for spicing things up!

1. Kegel Camp

Kegels are important for keeping the pelvic walls tight. After I had my baby, my maternity coach stressed to me the importance of doing Kegels every day in order to make things tighten up down there. You naturally contract your Kegel muscles any time you stop the flow of urine. You can do these exercises any time without anyone knowing it. I often do them on my own, but I also like a little structure, which is where this app comes in. It has 20 different levels and focuses on doing short pulses and long holds in order to strengthen your pelvic floor. The app guides you with voice, vibration, and visual cues. It takes less than five minutes and you can do it anywhere. There is even a reminder feature that you can set to remind you to do your Kegels everyday. As you progress, the levels get harder. Just be sure not to work these muscles for more than three sessions a day (more does not necessarily mean faster results, trust me, I’ve tried). Kegels are also good for men, as it produces longer arousals and stronger orgasms.

2. Sex with Emily

This app is perfect for adding a little steaminess to your relationship. Each day, you get tasks to complete with your partner, that vary in intensity. When you first set up your profile, you can choose your level, which will determine the sexiness of your tasks. If you know that you and your hubby are pretty vanilla, don’t turn up the dial thinking that its the best way to spice things up because you will end up getting tasks that you are too embarrassed to do. I suggest starting at vanilla and working your way up. You can customize the length of your program, from one week to one month. Whenever you get the task, simple text it or e-mail it to your partner (there’s a feature for that) do it, and check it off. You will be surprised at how fun it makes things. I like for the next day’s task to be a surprise, so I never look. With a new baby, it’s sometimes easy to get into a rut and skip sex or to have the mundane, let’s get this done before the baby wakes up romp. With this app, you’re adding new and varying elements to your relationship and it takes the guess work out of how to spice up your marriage. You just do it.

3. Kama Sutra

There are a million Kama Sutra apps on the market. All you have to do is search for the phrase and you can find numerous apps, some free and some paid, but all of them are the same, as Kama Sutra is an ancient art. I suggest that you find one you like. My personal favorite is the Kama Sutra app by Pocket Idols. I like it because the illustrations are detailed and the instructions are easy to understand. It also has a place for you to mark positions that you’ve completed. I like seeing the little bar fill up with all of our progress. A word of caution: be sure to read a position carefully before attempting. Also, if it doesn’t feel comfortable, don’t force it. Nothing’s worse than trying to explain that you’re limping or that you pulled your back muscles doing a reverse cowgirl.

4. Sexy Spanish

This app teaches you words and phrases in Spanish that are sexy and seductive. It’s good for adding a little spice to your sex life. While it has 12 audio lessons, I like to keep it light and learn a phrase or two to whisper in my husband’s ear while we’re making love. He doesn’t know what I’m saying, but it sure does sound good.

Comment below with any apps you love for spicing things up!

Until next time pretty girl1


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