Wear your high heels for longer


I am a big fan of heels. They are versatile and sexy. You can wear them with a nice skirt and blouse, dress, and even a pair of skinny jeans. High heels make your calves pop and make every woman look ten times sexier. They also have a way of making me feel sexier too. When I’m having an off day, I can put on some heels and feel like a million bucks.

The only problem is that long-term heel wearing can have a negative effect on your pretty girl feet. They can cause corns and bunions, they can alter your posture, and they can even increase the likelihood of falls and sprains.

Which is why I choose to wear high heels wisely. Here are my top 3 tips:

1. Make sure that you invest in a good pair of high heels. Don’t go cheap. Make sure the size and fit are perfect for your feet, in order to minimize the effects listed above. The best time to go heel shopping is in the afternoon, when you’re body is retaining the most water. When trying the heels on, put them both on the same way you plan to wear them and walk around the store with them, breaking them in. If they don’t fit right or if something about them is uncomfortable, don’t get them, no matter how cute they are. Also remember that they don’t have to be the newest pair of Christian LB’s, but they should be made of good material. My favorite place to shop for an amazing pair of high heels for a reasonable price is Aldo.

2. Be sure to wear insoles with your heels. They help to add cushion and support to your favorite pair of heels, and what pretty girl doesn’t need cushion and support? My favorite insoles are the Dr. Scholl’s Dream Walk High Heel Insoles. They keep your little footsies dry in order to avoid slipping (important when you’re doing your Beyonce walk across the room) and help with shoe pain. I find that I can wear my heels a few hours longer when I use these insoles.

3. Always bring a pair of flats. Nothing is worse than having to wear high heels when your feet are aching. I’ve actually walked through the streets of downtown Raleigh barefoot because my feet hurt so bad in my heels. Now, I always, always, always, bring my flats whenever I’m wearing heels. They even have a pair of go flats that you can keep in your purse by Dr. Scholl’s called Fast Flats. They come in black and have a little carrying case. They are not stylish or for all-day wear, but they are perfect for giving your feet a break.

Keep strutting in those 6-inch heels…until next time pretty girl!


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