Cleansing your way to a better you


So, this is the first blog entry in a series that will be referred to as the “Better You Series” or BUS, as I like to call it (although the goal is to not look like a bus). I am all about health, especially now that I have a child. I realize how important it is to take care of yourself so that you can run around and play with your kids, or even just carry them up and down the stairs, or pick them up when they are crying. I don’t want to have to deny my son fun and adventure because mommy is too fat and sick to play with him.

I see us at the beach and me holding his hand while the waves crash over his tiny feet and laughing and enjoying the moment without being worried about coverups or about whether or not I look fat in my swimsuit. I want to get on ALL of the kiddie rides at the fair and amusement parks without worrying about whether I fit. I want to push his stroller through the park for hours, feed the ducks, and chase him around, without having to stop and catch my breath.

I know that in order to do these things I need to be in the best shape possible. I also want to set a good example for him. He’s four months old now, and sometimes I find myself eating Big Macs or fries in front of him and telling him, “You’re not going to eat these things. They aren’t good for you. Mommy wants you to be healthy.'”

And then it hits me. Why would I eat something that I don’t want my son to eat? Why don’t I love myself as much as I love him? That was a real “aha moment” for me. But what I also realized is that food companies have us literally addicted to their foods.

I salivate at the mention of chicken wings, pizza, burgers, fries and chocolate. Do you? That’s not by mistake. That’s what the food industry wants us to do. We have been filling our bodies with chemical crap for so long that it’s become our drug of choice. We’re literally always looking for our next fix. But not anymore, pretty girl!

I’ve decided that the only way to truly begin an entire lifestyle change is by doing a cleanse. Whenever we want to start fresh and new, we do spring cleaning. I’d like to think of this as spring cleaning for the body.

To begin the process, I picked up the book The Juice Cleanse Reset Diet. It’s all about cleansing out the old in order to jumpstart a new lifestyle and relationship with food. We have to end that addiction before we can begin to heal. Consider it your own personal rehab.

Anyone who is addicted to cocaine must stop using it before they can begin to heal. They usually go to some rehabilitation center where they do what? You guessed it…detox. It’s the same with us. I know some people don’t believe that it’s that serious, but it is. A research study gave rats cocaine and then gave them sugar water. When given a choice between cocaine and sugar water, the rats went to the sugar water every time. It’s that serious!

So, I am going to begin this BUS tour by reading this book over the course of this week. I will keep you updated on what I’ve learned and how I’ve incorporated these strategies into my life in order to create a better me. Feel free to join me on the BUS. There’s plenty of room.

To follow my journey, be sure to follow or subscribe and look for blog entries labeled BUS.

Until next time pretty girl!

P.S. When I saw the back of the book, I was sold. These women are not only gorgeous, but they just look healthy with their bright eyes, shiny hair, white teeth and perfect skin. If cleansing does all of that, then sign me up!



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