Faux Lashes sans the faux


I’ve worn faux lashes three times in my entire life.  The first time I wore them, they fell off during dinner while I was on a date lol.  The second time I wore them, I blinked so many times that my eyes became pools of water.  The last time I wore them everything went perfectly.  They went on easy, stayed on easy, and came off easy.


The only drawback to wearing them is that once you get used to wearing them a lot, your face doesn’t quite look the same without them.  It’s like when you wear make-up for the first time.  Once you start beating that pretty girl face it’s easy to notice when it’s not quite so beat. And while I’ve added wearing makeup to the list of things I must do every day, I’m not quite sure that I want to add “put on false eyelashes” to that list.  So, I’ve found some alternatives that I don’t mind using every day in order to boost the look of my eyelashes sans the falsies.

1. Growth Serum. I’m all about enhancing what I was born with instead of hiding behind the fake.  I mean, who doesn’t want to have naturally long, luscious lashes?  The best eyelash growth product for the best price is Vitamin D. It costs about $7 a bottle and it works well when used over time. It’s best to use as a part of your night time routine. Just puncture a hole in the capsule and rub the oil on your upper and lower lashes. There are always more expensive products and prescription products that probably work better and faster, if you’re willing to pay the money.


2. Liquid Eyeliner. Sometimes all you need is to apply black liquid eyeliner to your top lid in order to make your eyes pop.  I find that it helps to fill in those areas where my lashes are a little more sparse.  I use Hard Candy’s liquid eyeliner and lash growth serum duo.  The eyeliner helps to boost your lash growth during the day and the serum works at night.  Every little bit helps.


3. Mascara. I currently use two mascaras.  One is by Revlon called Grow Luscious.  I apply one coat of it to my lashes and allow it to dry.  Again, when it comes to growth of anything, my philosophy is throw everything at it.  Once it’s dry, I apply three coats of Hard Candy’s 4-day Lash Stain.  I love all of Hard Candy’s mascara, this just happens to be the one I currently use.  You can’t go wrong with any of them. I also use fibers to enhance my lashes. They come in a bottle with a mascara wand. You just put on a coat of mascara and then run the wand through your wet lashes. The fibers adhere to your lashes, giving them an immediate extension without the need for falsies and glue.


4. Heated eyelash curler.  You can get one for under $10 at Walmart or Walgreens and they are great for curling your lashes, which makes them look naturally longer.  I like to curl my lashes for three minutes before applying anything and then curl them for another three minutes after my last coat of mascara.


5. Eye Makeup Remover. What goes on, must come off.  My fave product for removing all of that eyeliner and mascara is Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover.  I pour a little onto a cotton pad and hold it on my eye for about a minute.  Then I rub it over my eye and under my eye, making sure to remove every trace of makeup.  I find that this leaves my eyes feeling clean and beautiful and provides a great foundation for applying the Vitamin D.


This may sound like a lot and for some people wearing faux lashes may be a lot easier and a lot less expensive.  But for me, I like the fact that I’m protecting, nourishing and growing my own lashes instead of trying to cover them up.


Until next time pretty girl!


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