Make her feel good


While women love candy, and flowers, jewelry, and gifts, there are some ways to make us happy without having to spend a dime.

1. Play with our hair. Whether you wash it while we’re in the shower, run your fingers through it, or pull it while (well, you know), we love to have our hair played with. And that includes Black women too! While some Black women are from the school of thought that their hair should be looked at by the eyes and not played with by the hands, I’m not that girl. I love to have my hair touched, tousled and pulled. It’s relaxing.

2. Give us a massage. I was recently in a car accident and have been having back and neck problems. I currently go to the chiropractor, but I like it a lot more when my husband rubs my back or feet, especially after a long day. Just remember to use a soft touch. Men are strong and may feel the need to use all of their strength when massaging, but a light touch is so much better.

3. Cook dinner. This is especially helpful when both of you work outside of the home. Some days when I get home the last thing I want to do is cook. So it’s nice when he offers to cook dinner, or watch the baby, or clean the house, or do anything that I normally have to do after work, which allows me time to watch my favorite show, go for a run, take a nap, or enjoy a nice hot shower.

4. Watch her favorite show. You don’t have to like it, but it is nice when a man shows an interest in the things you like. So sit down with her and watch Game of Thrones or Scandal or one of the bazillion Housewives shows. And remember to act interested while she’s talking and explaining everything to you The worst thing you could do would be to criticize her show and call it stupid. Of course it’s stupid to you. Just do it for her.

5. Tell her she’s beautiful. This never gets old. Telling a woman that she is beautiful is one of the easiest ways to keep her happy for-ev-er. It’s free, it’s sweet and it provides an easy boost to her self-esteem, which is the best way to keep your woman happy for a long time.

If your man is not doing these things and you want him to, just be subtle about it. Open this blog post on your laptop or tablet and leave it lying around where he can see it. Or, you could open it on the home computer or his personal laptop and “accidentally” leave it up. When he sees it, you can say, “I was just reading an article and it made me think of you.” He’ll be more receptive to listening to this advice if he already feels like he’s doing a good job (just don’t let him scroll down to this paragraph lol).

Until next time pretty girl!


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