Breastfeeding Pictures on Social Media


I wasn’t going to weigh in on this debate, however, considered the fact that I’m currently breastfeeding, I figured I’m entitled to an opinion as much as anyone.

Is breast best?


Gynecologists suggest breastfeeding. Pediatricians suggest breastfeeding. Even formula makers like Similac and Enfamil suggest breastfeeding. That is not up for debate.

However, some women choose not to breastfeed and some women physically cannot breastfeed. I personally do not produce enough milk to sustain my growing son since I had a breast reduction in 2004.

However, I am able to breastfeed him several times a day and supplement with formula, which is working great. He is at a healthy weight and has not been sick at all since he was born. I know that by breastfeeding my son I am doing all I can to give him the nourishment that he needs.

Personally, I love breastfeeding. It helps solidify a bond between me and my baby since I’m the only one that can do that for him. That’s a special mommy and baby moment and he loves it to. It’s more convenient, especially at night when I can barely open my eyes to make a bottle. It is healthy because I’m giving my son vital nutrients and immunities that he needs to protect him from all types of germs and diseases. It’s relaxing. I can actually feel my uterus contracting as I breastfeed and it releases the oxytocin into my system that helps me to sleep like a baby (pun intended).

Experts claim that it is safe and healthy to breastfeed all the way to seven years of age. While I’m not that dedicated, I plan on doing it until he’s at least two, but probably not past three. I feel that as long as I can give him the food God intended for him to have then I will.

Now, as far as taking pictures, I wholeheartedly believe in taking pictures of the moment. I have a lot of pictures of me breastfeeding Carter. I even plan on having one done professionally.

However…I would not put them on any social media sites. I believe that the moment is sweet and should be cherished between you and your baby and not a million strangers. I feel that people exploit themselves and pimp themselves out just for controversy on Instagram and Twitter. It’s crazy really.

What happens when he goes to school a few years later and his classmates find the picture and say something inappropriate (which they will)?

I guess every individual has a right to post whatever they want. Let your 1st amendment flags fly.

What do you think?


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