Bag Essentials


I love to see what’s in a pretty girl’s bag. It’s so interesting to see all of the things that women like to carry in their purse…some items are always essential and some are unique. Below is a list of the top essential items every pretty girl should carry at all times.

1. Keys. You can’t get anywhere without your keys, duh. So, they will always be in every pretty girl’s bag. However, add a little flair to your key ring with an awesome keychain that makes you smile. My mom has one that says princess. I carry a leather heart with a picture of my little man in it. Whatever special key chain you choose, be sure to pick one (and only one) that makes you smile. One key chain looks cute and chic, a lot of them looks cheap and cluttered. Also, do not under any circumstances keep discount cards on your key ring. Keep the large ones in your wallet and do a phone number lookup for the rest. The only plastic card that should be on your wallet is for your gym membership. That’s it. All other cards need to be trashed. They get torn edges and ripped and beat up and make your keys look terrible. Just don’t do it pretty girl.

2. Wallet. I carry a cute black and beige Betsey Johnson wallet filled with all of my essentials…license, bank cards, insurance cards, etc. I also like to keep a new, crisp $100 bill in my wallet and never spend it. It makes me feel rich and confident. You can choose any wallet you want to, but remember to keep it clean and organized. Nothing is worse than a wallet with receipts falling out. If you need to keep track of your receipts, then use an app, such as ‘Lemon Receipts.’

3. Lippy. Having moisturized lips is always important, no matter where you are. Be sure to throw your favorite lipstick, gloss, or balm in your bag before you leave the house. I personally like balms since they moisturize my lips without being sticky or leaving color everywhere. Right now I carry Dr. Rescue by Maybelline Baby Lips.

4. Compact. I never carry my whole make up case with me, as it’s huge and way too heavy to carry all of the time. But, for a quick touch-up I love carrying my powder compact. My favorite is MAC Studio Fix in NC50. It always leaves my skin looking flawless without looking overly made-up.

5. Phone. I’m an iPhone girl, so of course I love having my iPhone 5s on me at all times. But no pretty girl leaves home without her smartphone. Be sure to protect it with a cute 3D case before tossing it into your Chanel bag.

6. iPad. For a pretty girl on the go, carrying your tablet with you is essential. It makes it easy to work and play wherever you are. I personally love having it with me so that I can blog wherever I am. I have an iPad mini, which is nice and portable and fits easily into my everyday bag.

7. Earbuds. I never go anywhere without them. They are small and compact and are perfect for escaping this mad, crazy world through music or your favorite episodes of House of Cards. Just be sure to wrap them up and snug them in a small pouch of your purse so they won’t be tangled when you pull them out.

8. Pen. For times when you have to write something down or sign one of those amazing checks, you need a pen. But not just any pen. Buy yourself a beautiful, girly pen that you’ll enjoy writing with. My personal favorite is BIC for Her.p

9. Gum. Always carry around a pack of gum to make sure your breath smells amazingly fresh at all times. I like Orbit Sweet Mint.

10. Lotion. My final essential item would be a nice cute bottle of lotion. I currently carry the Tiny Hands moisturizer by Lush because it makes my hands feel soft and smooth and makes my purse smell amazing.

That’s it for my essentials list. Everything else is extra. But remember to keep it light pretty girl. Too much stuff in your bag can weigh you down, which is no bueno.

Until next time gorgeous!


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