Quick Makeover Ideas


Every pretty girl loves a makeover. And while a total makeover is awesome, there are some simple ways to reinvent yourself.

1. Hair. For a simple way to update your hair, you could buy a nice clip and do a simple updo. You could also pull out your flatiron or curling iron and go straight or curly.

2. Makeup. Change your makeup routine with a new color of eyeshadow or a new lippy. You could also dramatize your look with a nice pair of faux lashes.

3. Body. Nothing makes me feel better than a new body wash, a rich, creamy lotion or a nice body spray. Anytime I buy a new wash I can’t wait to get home and use it.

4. Clothes. Buy a blouse in a bright color you wouldn’t normally wear. Or better yet, let someone else pick out an outfit for you. Some of my favorite clothes are the ones I didn’t pick out for myself. You could also add a little spice by buying some new, sexy undies!

4. Mind. Don’t forget to make over the inside. You could do this by going to a yoga class, meditating, journaling, or reading a good book.

There are always small and simple ways to make an amazing impact on your life.

Until next time pretty girl!


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