Spring Playlist


With the Spring comes flowers, warm weather, longer days, and mellow music. Here are some of my favorite Springtime tunes.

1. Jhene Aiko- Sail Out EP
I love listening to this album while I’m driving. It makes me feel mellow and relaxed with its melodic tunes and hypnotic verses.

2. Amerie- All I Have
This will always be my favorite springtime album. Amerie’s
voice is so sweet and mellow. I could listen to it forever.

3. Beyonce- Beyonce
Her latest album is by far her best one. If you’re going out and want to feel sexy, you have to put this on repeat.

4. Kate Nash-Made of Bricks
I love Kate Nash. She is everything that Lorde wishes she could be. Listen to this album. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

5. Amy Winehouse- Frank
This album was her first and best. Especially the F Me Pumps song. Yeah. Oh yeah.

6. Adele- 21
There is never a bad time to listen to Adele. No matter what mood you’re in, her music can transport you to another time, another place and another world. I hope she’ll still be able to channel her emotions now that she’s had a baby. Sometimes it’s hard to find the sorrow, especially when staring at your child’s precious smile.

7. Robin Thicke- The Evolution of Robin Thicke
I’ve been a fan of Mr. Thicke since ‘A Beautiful World’ when his hair was long and he was riding bikes. And while I don’t necessarily like how commercial he has become, this album will always be one of my faves.

What are some of your favorite spring songs beautiful?


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