A lot can be said about modesty, or the lack thereof it these days. I have recently been on a ‘Mad Men’ binge, and it’s interesting to listen to the things that they find racy or sexual.

For example, one of the new secretaries had the first two buttons of her sweater unbuttoned and the other secretary thought that it was inappropriate. Now, women wear blouses and dresses that have slits all the way to the belly button.

I always imagine what they would say if they sent some of the clothes that we find acceptable now back to the 1950s. They would swear that they were dishrags instead of dresses.

It’s also sad that now we live in a society where you can’t tell the difference between a prostitute and a party girl (is there one?). I mean, I’m all for people being able to live their life and express themselves through their dress, but there has to be a limit.

Doesn’t it?


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