No one woke up like ‘dis


I like Beyonce’s new album, but the catch phrase, “I woke up like ‘dis,” makes me laugh every time. While I understand that it is about female power and feminism and feeling beautiful and good about yourself all of the time, I think that it’s quite ironic that people feel the need to post pictures to Instagram, and Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #iwokeuplikethis.

To that I say BS.

No one wakes up like this. Not even Beyonce.

If you had to fluff up your hair and angle your iPhone just right and use the IG filter to get that look, then you don’t wake up like this either. But what’s wrong with that? No one wakes up flawless.

I personally wake up with my hair tied up, no make-up on, crust in my eyes (and sometimes one is swollen from the weird way I sleep), bags under my eyes, ashen skin, and bad breath. That is how I wake up.

And if we’re being honest, that is how the rest of America wakes up too.


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