Bikini Body


In keeping with the Better You Series (BUS) I wanted to introduce all of you pretty girls to a book that I just downloaded to my iPad. It’s called The Bikini Body Diet by Tara Kraft, editor of Shape Magazine.

Just in time for summer, this book offers a 6 week program for diet and exercise that promises to get you that bikini body you want. Depending on your starting weight, I would say that you could lose between 10-20 pounds in six weeks, which may or may not get you into that bikini, but it will definitely get you closer.

The book includes meal plans, recipes, and workouts geared towards getting your body bikini ready. There are also chapters on how to pick the perfect bikini, how to boost your confidence in a bikini and how to groom your body for bikini wear.

What I love about this book as opposed to others on the same topic is that as the editor of Shape, she has access to all of the celebrities and knows just what they do to get in shape, which she has included in this book.

I can’t wait to dig in!

Also, check out her bikini body above (on right).


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