How to eat fruit


I am big on reading diet and wellness books. I always have been. One of my favorite books is one by Kimberly Snyder called The Beauty Detox Solution. A lot of what she says is really powerful and makes sense. And while doing the complete diet would be insanity, I do follow her advice on either eating fruit alone or eating it first instead of last.

Here’s why.

Fruit breaks down relatively quickly in the digestive system, especially when compared to proteins and other carbohydrates. If you eat fruit last, say for dessert, it will just sit on top of all of the other food you eat, waiting for its turn to digest. In the meantime, it will ferment and you will lose a lot of the nutritional benefits.

She advises eating fruit on a empty stomach, first thing in the morning. She also recommends eating fruit alone, with nothing else, while allowing it time to digest.

It’s up to you when you eat it or if you eat it alone. I think the main focus is that you begin to eat more clean foods and then you adjust how you eat them in order to become even healthier.

I personally like oatmeal for breakfast and when I eat fruit, it’s usually with a meal, but I make sure to eat it first.

How do you like to eat your fruit?


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  1. Interesting! I have never heard this, but it makes sense. I usually eat my fruit after my sandwich at lunchtime.

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