Free Mall Makeover


When I want to feel all dolled up for little to no money, I hit the mall. Most places like Sephora, MAC, and beauty counters at department stores will do your makeup for free, without you even having to buy anything (but who’s not going to buy it once it’s on their face and they’re looking like Marilyn Monroe reincarnated?)

So, just for you pretty girl, here are my top mall makeover tips:

1. Make an appointment. It’s best to let places know that you are coming, especially if it’s a busy day or time, like the weekend.

2. Go on Monday morning. To avoid the problem mentioned above, go on an off time. Take a half day from work and hit the mall. You’ll more than likely be the only person in the store requesting a beat, so you’ll get their undivided attention and really get a good review of the products and which ones are best for you. What’s more, you’ll head into work looking like you just stepped off the cover of Vogue.

3. Make a spending limit. I usually set my limit way in advance and then take out only that allotted amount from the ATM. If I didn’t, they would talk me into buying everything and I would go broke. A good limit is between $30-$50, depending on what and how much you need, however, you can splurge a little more as long as it’s planned in your budget.

4. Have an idea of what you need. Of course you will want everything. But if all you really need is a new foundation, lipstick or blush brush, then set your sights on only getting that (and maybe one thing that you really want). Again, if you don’t have a plan, they will sell you everything and you will buy it because you don’t have a plan.

5. Just say no. If all you want is a complimentary makeover, then just get the complimentary makeover. Don’t let anyone talk you into buying anything or make you feel bad because you don’t. It’s their job to help you and they get paid regardless of whether you buy anything or not. If this is really hard for you, then take their business card and tell them that when you’re ready to make a purchase, you will come back and see only them. This usually puts them and you at ease.

6. Pay attention. Enjoy the pampering, but be sure to ask them about their technique. If you like the way they crease your eyeshadow, then ask them how they did it. Pay attention to how they apply your foundation, blush, etc. You’ll want to be able to recreate the look yourself, especially if your man loves it.

Happy makeovers gorgeous!


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