Jars of Hope


Glass mason jars are so awesome.

You can drink out of them, make preserves with them, pickle with them…and on and on.

But one new way to use mason jars has nothing to do with food or drink.

Many people are now using them to store hopes, dreams, goals, wishes, and money.

Here are some interesting ways to use any old mason jar:

1. Write down your hopes, dreams and wishes on little slips of paper or post it notes. Fold them up and put them inside the jar. Display it in a place you can see everyday and look at what you wrote to regularly remind you of your goals.

2. Make the jar your ultimate piggy bank. Use a Sharpie to write something meaningful on the outside of the jar, such as ‘vacation fund,’ ‘debt fund,” ‘boob job,” ‘shopping spree,” or ‘mad money,” and watch the money pile up. This can be more motivating than a typical piggy bank because the jar is clear so you can literally watch all the cash come in.

3. Have people you love write something nice about you on a post-it note. Then, without peeking, fold them up and put them in the jar. Any time you are feeling sad or depressed, pick out one post-it and read it. That little message will brighten up your day and make you feel good all over. This is a really great exercise to do with your class if you are a teacher. You can pass out slips and have everyone write something nice about their classmates and you :-). Then, they can fold them up and give them to each other. Instead of giving students glass jars, you can give them plastic sandwich bags to keep all of their feel-good messages in.

4. Instead of keeping a diary, you could use a mason jar to store your memories. Just write down a thought for the day or something magical that happened on a post-it note, fold it up, and put it in the jar. At the end of the year, you’ll have a jar filled with memories to last a lifetime. You could also make little jars for vacations, pregnancy, your baby’s first year, the first year of your marriage, your weight loss journey, etc. It’s just a cooler way to keep a diary. When you have a few jars filled, you can put them on a bookshelf to display.

5. For weight loss motivation, label one jar “pounds to lose” and the other “pounds lost”. Then fill the “pounds to lose” jar with beads, marbles or stones (you can buy them in bulk at places like Walmart, Dollar Tree, or Michaels). As you lose a pound, move the bead over to the “pounds lost” jar. It’s a nice visual representation of your weight loss and will keep you motivated, because who wants to have to take out marbles from the “pounds lost” and put them back into the “pounds to lose”?

Those are a few ideas to get your started. Now grab some mason jars and get to work pretty girl!





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