On The One That Got Away


There is always one. Maybe two. You know, the person you think about sometimes. The person who could have been yours if the stars had aligned just right. The one who got away.

I sometimes think about this concept. The belief that there could have been something with someone else but it just didn’t work out. We fool ourselves into thinking that life would be better with them. That they understood us so much. That they were the one.

I’d like to offer a reality check to those people. We often sit back and think about the past while wearing our rose-colored glasses. I guarantee you that if you think really, really hard you will remember why it didn’t work out with that person. The supposed one that got away.

And even if all of your memories are genuinely wonderful, it didn’t happen. For some reason or another, you two didn’t end up together. Or you did and it didn’t work out. But you did end up with the person you’re with now, who I’m sure is probably just as good of a catch.

There is no need to reminisce on what could have been. There is no need to dwell on how green the grass is on the other side. There is no need to riddle your mind with the what ifs. It’s just a complete waste of time and it prevents you from giving your current love interest all of your time and devotion.

I guarantee you that if you were to go look for and find the one that got away, it wouldn’t be the same. We always imagine people in a much fonder light than reality allows them to be seen in.

No truer words have been spoken than the ones by Luther Vandross in his infamous remake…

Love the one you’re with!


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