On Being Bad


Sometimes being bad feels oh so good.

I mean, it’s hard being nice all of the time. Always smiling and being happy-go-lucky. Being polite to everyone. Listening to other people’s problems without anyone caring enough to listen to yours. Not blowing your horn when someone cuts you off. Pretending like you didn’t notice your boyfriend checking that girl out. Letting someone cut in front of you in line because you’re too nice to say anything about it.

Being nice can sometimes suck the life out of you.

In my opinion, sometimes you have to roll your eyes, tell people you don’t care, flip the bird to the jerk that cut you off, slap your boyfriend in the back of the head for looking at another girl, and tell that loser no cutsies.

Sometimes, in order to keep your sanity, you have to do these things, or you risk imploding from all of the niceness.

You ever wonder why the big bad wolf was so cool? It’s because he was so bad that no one dared to mess with him. Now, I’m not saying to give the world the finger. I’m just saying to mix a little sour with the sweet.

Be nice a little. Then, be bad a little.


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