Phenomenal Woman

With the passing of Maya Angelou, I can't help but think about her poem, "Phenomenal Woman," which is perhaps, the best piece of work in female literature to date. This poem reminds me of how strong women are. Is there anything that we cannot do or overcome? I mean, just being able to birth another... Continue Reading →


On Staying Together For the Children

My parents got divorced when I was young...about 10, I think. I can't really remember why, I just know that they were better parents apart than together. But, sometimes I would wish that I could have grown up with both of my parents, like other kids my age at the time. Now, looking back, I'm... Continue Reading →

To Look Good On His Arm

I love my husband. When he met me, I was a plus-sized girl, with a sweet smile and a shy personality. I am still that same girl, just now I'm his wife, the mother or his child, and a very grown-up woman. Yet in still, he has always loved my weight and has never said... Continue Reading →

On The Disappearance of Kissing

What ever happened to kissing? Teenagers these days don't have make out sessions anymore. For them, it's all about sexting and hooking up. Young girls (and us grown women too) let guys go straight to home-plate without even properly rounding the bases. When I was young(er), it really meant something to make out with a... Continue Reading →

Keeping Marriage Hot & Heavy

Marriage can sometimes put you in a sexual rut. While the intimacy between you and your partner might once have been red hot, the burden of responsibility as well as familiarity, may have turned your inferno into a dying camp fire. To add some spice to your sex life, try a few of the tips... Continue Reading →

Me. I am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse

On the heels of bad girl's like Rihanna and icons like Beyonce, this album feels like an attempt to stay both classic and relevant. It succeeds in doing both, but for only true Mariah fans. With tracks like "One More Try," a George Michael remake, you hear the classic Mariah that we all fell in... Continue Reading →

On Getting Older

With my 31st birthday quickly approaching (8 days away), I like to reflect on my life and my accomplishments. I also like to juxtapose that with what I would still like to do and accomplish. Sometimes, I am harsh to the 20s me. I often berate her for not doing more...being more successful. I often... Continue Reading →

Instant Gratification

I miss Polaroids...even though the technology is so much more advanced now...there was something so refreshing about taking a snap, pulling it out, waving it around, and watching a picture emerge. You couldn't take a million pictures until you got just the right one. You couldn't take the perfect selfie. You couldn't set a timer... Continue Reading →

The Essentials

There are a few things that I just can't live without. If I leave the house, these are the items that I must have with me... 1. My iPhone 2. My iPad 3. Lip Balm 4. MAC Studio Fix Powder Compact 5. Keys (of, course) 6. Lotion (anything from Lush) 7. Wallet 8. Shades 9.... Continue Reading →

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