Weight Loss Race


We always begin January 1 with the intention of losing weight. We download meal plans, sign up for gym memberships, buy health foods, and prepare for the weight loss that will change our lives forever.

Fast forward to May, almost halfway through the year, and we have fallen off the wagon. Those meal plans are buried under a pile of papers. That gym membership goes unused. Those lettuce wraps and yogurt cups have been replaced by chips and hot dogs. We have returned to our former selves, plus some.

But why?

The reason why lies in our perception. We begin the race for weight loss as if it is a sprint when in reality it is a marathon and we just don’t have the endurance.

Think of a runner. If a runner is trying to win a 1 mile race, they start off at a moderate pace, keeping with the pack, but not pushing themselves too hard because they are saving their energy for the last lap. When they get to that last lap, a good runner knows how to dig deep and speed up so as to get to the finish line first.

In like manner, we cannot expect to sprint our way to weight loss. Sure, you may be in the lead at first, dropping lbs. like nobody’s business. But eventually, you’ll run out of steam and all of those pounds you lost will catch back up to you (and a few extra to boot).

So, let’s take this weight loss thing and handle it like what it is…a marathon. Prepare yourself for the fact that it will take you a while because this is a long distance race. Keep in pace with your pounds, passing them little by little. This may be frustrating, but at least you know that they won’t have any chance of catching back up to you.

Then, when you get closer to your goal…to the end of the race…to the end of the year, put it in high gear. While everyone else is throwing their weight loss resolution over a bridge, that’s the time for you to dig deep and give it all you got. Sprint towards that finish line. Eat better, workout harder, and don’t give up. Your body will be so shocked that it won’t have any choice but to obey. That’s how you win the weight loss race.


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