Closet Overhaul


Spring is one of the best times of the year to clean out and reorganize your closet space. No matter how big, or how small, you can make your closet pop with a few helpful hints.

1. Declutter. Nothing is worse than a closet full of clothes that you don’t wear, or worse yet, can’t wear. So, get rid of anything that you never wear, that’s too small, or that doesn’t flatter your body. The only clothes that should be in your closet are clothes that you truly love to wear.

2. Get organized. Buy containers, bags, cubes, etc. for all of your items that you don’t hang up. I have shoe organizers, cubes for jeans and pajamas and undies, etc. You can find really nice pieces at a good price at stores like Big Lots or Walmart (even Target when they’re having a sale). Keeping your closet organized makes a big difference and can make even the smallest closet look amazing.

3. Clean. Keep your closet clean. Dust the shelves, make sure the hangers are in order, and the floor is swept or vacuumed. Finally, add some potpourri to keep your closet smelling fresh and clean year round. I love the little satchels from Kirklands.


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