Frame Your Face


Without a doubt, eyebrows really do frame the face. They are the one feature on your face (besides your smile) that can either make or break your look. A perfectly arched eyebrow can make up for a few dark circles under the eyes and even a blemish or two.

For a while, I went and got my eyebrows professionally waxed every two weeks. Then, there was a lot of talk about the sanitation of waxing, and I began to budget, so I decided to take care of my own eyebrows. I would tweeze them every few weeks or when I saw stray hairs, and they always looked presentable, but it would take me forever to groom them and make them look nice.

However, about a month ago I decided to go and get my eyebrows done professionally again, and I’m telling you, the difference was amazing. I actually spent less time on my make-up because I didn’t have to do anything to my brows. They laid perfectly and made my face look flawless.

From then on, I decided to never do my own eyebrows again. I get them done every few weeks and I am completely satisfied.

In fact, I am going to start getting my eyebrows threaded, which I am super excited about. If you’ve done it already, let me know what you thought about it.

Until next time pretty girl…


2 thoughts on “Frame Your Face

  1. Threading is so much better. I love it! At first I wasn’t into it after my first time because it hurt so bad I almost cried lol. Now I love it and only get it threaded. It gives it a more defined look plus no burns from hot wax and I also read over a long period of time waxing can cause wrinkles. I had no idea you had a blog. It’s pretty good!

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