Writing for Therapy


Writing truly is therapeutic. On the days that I blog or write in my journal, I feel super serene, relaxed, clear-headed, and able to take on the world. On the days that I don’t write, I feel stressed-out, wound-up, anxious, irritable, and the day just doesn’t seem to turn out right.

While there is no replacement for actual therapy with a licensed professional or medication (if needed), writing can be the single best way to relieve stress on your own, with as little effort as possible. All you need to do is grab a notebook and a pen and start writing. Or you could jot down your thoughts, feeling, dreams, aspirations, and worries on your smartphone notepad, your tablet, your laptop, computer, etc.

When I need a creative release, I jump on my blog and write a few posts. I’ve been known to write up to ten in one sitting. It feels so good too, like a long massage for my soul.

When I need to vent or get out thoughts that I want to keep private, I grab my journal and start writing. In my journal, I say the things that I know would hurt feelings, burn bridges and damage relationships. It helps to keep me from saying those things to people’s face (but sometimes I say it before I can get to my journal, oops). To keep everything private, I journal on my iPad with an app that has a security code. I find that I speak more freely when I know no one will see it. Sometimes I even use the match feature and watch as the entry goes up into flames and disappears forever (which is a sort of therapy all its own).

Whatever avenue you use, remember that the important thing is that you write. Don’t let more than a day go by without writing or posting something. You never know who might actually be interested in what you have to say!

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  1. Totally agree! Writing helps me organize my thoughts, too. It’s amazing what a little (or a lot) of writing can do. I love using prettily-designed journals to record my thoughts.

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