Me. I am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse


On the heels of bad girl’s like Rihanna and icons like Beyonce, this album feels like an attempt to stay both classic and relevant. It succeeds in doing both, but for only true Mariah fans.

With tracks like “One More Try,” a George Michael remake, you hear the classic Mariah that we all fell in love with so long ago. The way she sings in this song is reminiscent of her earlier days, when all people could talk about was that amazing voice. I wish that there were more songs like this on the album. I could put this on repeat all day.

With tracks like “Faded,” “Dedicated,” and “Make it Look Good,” listeners get to hear the more modern Mariah, which I like as well. She has a way of singing on a beat and making it sound oh so good. Listening to these songs makes you want to hold your man just a little bit tighter…kiss him a little bit longer.

Juxtapose that with songs like “Thirsty,” and “You Don’t Know What To Do.” In these songs, Mariah is back to throwing shade at the male species. I think you can expect to have at least one or two male-bashing songs on every Mariah album.

Then there are middle of the road songs like, “#Beautiful” and “Supernatural” that are just so-so. Not terrible. Not hot. Just lukewarm sounds flooding into your ears. Although, “#Beautiful” gets a lot of radio play and is kind of annoyingly catchy. And Mariah’s twins on “Supernatural” are pretty cute (although having your kids on your album is becoming somewhat of a cliche with Alicia Keys and Beyonce beating her to it. But her daughter can actually sing, which is a bonus). I just see myself getting tired of these songs and quickly skipping over them.

As a heavy Mariah listener, I expect a few feel-good, inspirational, “churchy” songs, and she delivers with “Heavenly” and “The Art of Letting Go.”

If you are a Mariah fan, than you will not be disappointed with this album. If you’re not a Mariah fan, you will definitely find at least one or two songs that you like on this album.

Listen and let me know what you think?

Disclaimer: I am a HUGE Mariah fan…I own everything that she has ever made, including her movie Glitter *wink*, but I tried to be as objective as possible in this critique. As I said, true Mariah fans will like it, because it’s typical Mariah.


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