On Getting Older

20140522-104725-38845896.jpgWith my 31st birthday quickly approaching (8 days away), I like to reflect on my life and my accomplishments. I also like to juxtapose that with what I would still like to do and accomplish.

Sometimes, I am harsh to the 20s me. I often berate her for not doing more…being more successful. I often look at my 20s as a time of confusion and a waste of precious youth.

But today, I looked at that decade of my life through the lens of objectivity. And, to be honest, I counted a lot of accomplishments. I got my Bachelor’s degree, went back and got my teaching degree, became a teacher, got my own place, paid off my first car, got married, had a baby. I have to honestly admit that I did a lot in my 20s. Which made me feel good.

So, in that spirit, I decided to do a little something different for 31. I’ve decided to make a “bucket” list of sorts. Just 31 things that I want to do during my 31st year of living.

A few of the things on my list are: Run a 5k, read the entire Bible, get a professional massage, and fly on an airplane. A lot of these things are things that I have wanted to do for a long time. The idea is to be able to look back next year this time and really feel proud about everything that I have accomplished.


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