On The Disappearance of Kissing


What ever happened to kissing?

Teenagers these days don’t have make out sessions anymore. For them, it’s all about sexting and hooking up. Young girls (and us grown women too) let guys go straight to home-plate without even properly rounding the bases.

When I was young(er), it really meant something to make out with a boy. You’d both be sitting on the couch, while your parents were at work, watching television (or at least pretending to) and he would slowly move closer to you. He’d put his arm around you and you’d talk about nonessential things. Then, he’d tell you how pretty you are and how much he likes you. You’d smile and blush and ask why he liked you so much. Then, he’d lean in and go for the kiss. A small peck to start. And then, when you returned his affection, he would kiss you harder, longer, and deeper, until you were both making out and getting all hot and bothered. Of course, you would stop him before he could get to second base, but that moment…that memory, was just naughty enough to be sweet with a fringe of innocence.

In that vain, let’s bring back the art of kissing.

Sometime this week, sit on the couch with the one you love and just make out. Kiss them and let them kiss you. Explore each other through the intimacy of kissing. It can be short, closed-mouth kisses, longer french kissing or deep, passionate kissing. Just go with it and try not to control the situation. Think about what the 13-year-old you would do. And don’t feel the need to take it any further. Just stick to kissing and see how good it makes you both feel. Also, stopping at kissing can heighten the desire and improve the sex once you do finally decide to do it.

I’ll bet that you end up feeling like two teenagers again.



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