We Are Strong!

Women are strong. We carry the world on our shoulders, literally. We birth children. We take care of those children. We work jobs. We take care of business on those jobs. We love men. We give everything to those men. As women, we juggle marriage, motherhood, college, careers, and everything else. But in all of... Continue Reading →


Summer Missions

Now that summer is here and I have a few weeks of vacation time, I've been thinking about knocking some things off of my list that I really want to do. 1. Drop 30 lbs. A little healthy eating and working out this summer will go a long way to helping me drop the weight.... Continue Reading →

Free Beauty Elixir

Women spend thousands of dollars on creams and lotions in order to smooth and soften their skin. They elect to use body wraps, elixirs, shots, Botox and even plastic surgery to alter their looks and become more appealing. However, the best beauty elixir is one that's absolutely free...water. Water provides hydration to every single cell... Continue Reading →

My Cell Phone, Your Cell Phone

  When my cell phone rings, I ask my husband to answer it for me.  When a text message pops us, I ask him who it is.  He has my password and can scan his fingerprint into my phone whenever he pleases.  My cell phone is an open book to him, as it should be.... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Brass Ring

When we are little girls, we like to play house. We are given Barbie dolls, complete with shiny convertibles, dream houses and handsome Ken dolls. We are given babies that simulate the real thing. We plan our weddings from the sandbox. We stuff pillows under our shirts and pretend that we are pregnant. When we... Continue Reading →

Are we Allowed to be Happy?

I am a firm believer in happiness.  I think that everyone in life deserves to be happy.  There is no reason to spend your life in a state of misery or discontent simply to please others.  A life of piety is best reserved for nuns, priests, and monks.  However, one can only wonder where happiness... Continue Reading →

Instagram is the New Playboy

I am firmly convinced that Instagram is the new Playboy...except for the fact that on IG you can see naked women for free. I have never seen so many women willing to display themselves as pieces of meat for absolutely no gain.  I would argue that this phenomenon has set women's rights back at least... Continue Reading →

On Looking Good For Your Man

Okay, ladies, let's be real here.  I know better than anybody how hard it is to get dressed up and look nice every day.  I had a baby a few months ago, and everything is out of place.  All I want to do every day is put my hair in a ponytail, put on a... Continue Reading →

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