Instagram is the New Playboy


I am firmly convinced that Instagram is the new Playboy…except for the fact that on IG you can see naked women for free. I have never seen so many women willing to display themselves as pieces of meat for absolutely no gain.  I would argue that this phenomenon has set women’s rights back at least a decade or more.  

On Instagram, women take various types of selfies, all to garner the attention of men they don’t know, nor do they want to know.  I mean, who wants to meet that weirdo who lives in his mom’s basement and has enough time to comment on all of your pics exactly thirty seconds after you post them?

There is the “I woke up like this” selfie, where women put on makeup and fix their hair, only to pretend that they don’t have on any and that their hair always looks that good when they wake up (btw, it doesn’t).  There is the “back shot” selfie, where women, especially Black women, take a picture with their butt as the focal point (Black men love those).  There is the “duck face” selfie, which I never found to be cute.  I mean what’s so hot about squishing your lips together so that you look like a stroke victim?  Then, there’s the “I’m sexy but I’m not trying to be sexy” selfie, which is usually taken before or during a night out on the town in your freakum’ dress.  There’s the “bathroom mirror” selfie, which may be the most famous.  There’s the “I’m pretending like I’m a model” selfie, where women pose like models, but only in their imaginations.  There’s the “thirst trap” selfie, where a woman poses showing off her body in an attempt to make every man stop scrolling and comment immediately.  Finally, there’s the infamous “laying in bed” selfie, taken just before you go to bed, and again, the woman is wearing makeup and has her hair down, although she pretends that she doesn’t have on any and that she’s not actually going to tie her hair up in a few minutes before actually going to bed.  

These women posts pictures on Instagram likes it’s their career.   They are paid in likes.  But the minute a seemingly disrespectful comment comes up, they are quick to become Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, screaming about equality and a woman’s right not to be objectified.   And, the minute someone questions their “assumed” beauty, that person is deemed a hater and is blocked forever.  

Some women would argue that they use Instagram in order to promote themselves or their business.  They even have casting information linked in their bio.  I counter with…real models have real jobs with real agents.  The last time I checked, Vogue and Elle magazine weren’t recruiting their next cover model on IG.  Only video hoes (or ex-video hoes, or booty mag girls) need to promote themselves using a free site.  And while we’re at it, making appearances at a club is not a real job.  You may think that it is a real job, but it is not.  If a club is paying you to come out, but the only talent you have is standing there  while men ogle your body, then you’re no longer a person.  You’re an object. And if it’s for less than $10,000 a day, then you’re a cheap object.  And if it’s for free then you’re a cheap and pathetic object. 

Furthermore, when you objectify yourself, there’s no point in getting mad at anybody else for doing it.  When you sell yourself for a few likes…well, it’s hard to demand top shelf respect for a low-priced malt liquor.  Just saying. 

*Steps off soap box*


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