Summer Missions

20140625-112656-41216273.jpgNow that summer is here and I have a few weeks of vacation time, I’ve been thinking about knocking some things off of my list that I really want to do.

1. Drop 30 lbs. A little healthy eating and working out this summer will go a long way to helping me drop the weight.

2. Become fluent in Spanish. I’ve spent a few years studying Spanish off and on, but I really want to practice mastering the language.

3. Read the Bible daily. This is always a good habit to form. My goal is to not a miss a day of reading this summer.

4. Focus on mediation. Here’s the app I use.

5. Finish my poetry ebook. On those lazy beach days when I’d normally be reading a book or watching Netflix, I want to use the time more productively and work on my poetry book.

What’s on your summer to-do list pretty girl?


3 thoughts on “Summer Missions

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  1. My to-do list was to grow something in the garden. The cilantro didn’t turn out (huge bummer!), but I was able to grow some popcorn. Still waiting on the ears to dry to see if there are any good kernels, but the ears do seem pretty full. Keeping my fingers crossed! Would be nice to have enough to pop a few batches and/or give as gifts.

    My autumn to-do list is a little longer…..lots to do before winter! Paint the mailbox, garage door……clean the windows, tidy up the garden area, etc., etc.

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