20140711-152227-55347180.jpgEveryone has their own opinion on public displays of affection. I don’t think that it can indicate whether or not a couple is in love, but I do think that it has it’s place in a relationship.

For me, personally, showing affection publicly is always a good thing. I like for my hand to be held when we are walking down the street. I like for a guy to put his arm around me…kiss me softly.

As long as PDA isn’t obnoxiously physical, aggressive or annoying, it can be a part of a healthy relationship. For example, soft kisses are sweet. Full blown make-out sessions are not. It takes maturity to know the difference.

My other piece of advice is that if you’re into PDA and you can’t live without it, then make sure you date someone that feels the same way. Nothing is worse than being mad at someone who doesn’t want to hold your hand in public. It doesn’t mean that they do or don’t love you. It just means that they’re not into showing affection publicly. It’s not for everyone.

But if it is for you, then enjoy it pretty girl!


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