Rap Across Generations

20140711-150717-54437080.jpgWhen I listen to rap now, I realize just how much things have changed. People like to say that you’re getting old when you don’t like today’s rap music. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Until the 1980s, there was no such thing as rap in the literal sense. There were hymns, gospel, blues, and R&B, but all of those are just forms of singing. Before that time no one had spoken over lyrics. This is the main reason why prior generations don’t like rap music.

But there’s no doubt that they can understand it.

I can remember the first rap song my father taught me…Rapper’s Delight. He said that when he was a kid he learned all of the lyrics to the song and he wanted his kids to do the same.

Since then, I’ve memorized the lyrics to Nas, Rakim, Eric B., Notorious B.I.G. and more. And I can honestly say that the rap music of the past actually talked about something. A lot.

Just listen to Eric B. and Rakim’s “Paid In Full.” Then listen to Tyga’s “Pass Me The Hookah.” Once you’ve listened to both of these songs, you’ll realize that they are light years apart. Whereas rap music used to have meaning, now it’s just empty words over pounding bass.

Let’s just hope that at least a few young souls are losing their rap virginity to Kendrick Lamar and not A$AP Rocky.

So honestly, it’s not that the older generation is just too old to understand rap music these days. It’s just that it’s too simple, too one-sided, too watered-down and too meaningless.

It’s like 9th Wonder said, “Maybe we are all like Neo in the Matrix. When these new songs play, they are like bullets we can just pick out of the air, because the lyrics are coming so slow…”

So, I’m not believing that we’re just old. No. Ya’ll are just dumb.


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