Pills & Potions

If only pills were filled with glitter. If only taking two would make it all better. If only they would take away the pain, emptiness, despair and replace these tragedies with love, peace and tranquility. I would take them all. And I would see my heart mended and all pain erased forever.


Sexy Selfies

Everyone loves taking selfies. But, we could all use some help when trying to nail that amazing pic. Here are 7 selfie tips from singing sensation, Zendaya. 1. Smize. Smiling with your eyes is a sure fire way to make that camera melt. You can do this by thinking of something that makes you happy.... Continue Reading →

Butterfly Drinking

So, I was picking up a few things at Walgreens and I saw a bottle of Mariah Carey's butterfly beverage and decided to try it. I must say that it looks appealing but it tastes terrible. I was expecting a lightly flavored water, but it tasted more like a sugary juice concoction. I didn't like... Continue Reading →

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