Butterfly Drinking

IMG_1804.PNGSo, I was picking up a few things at Walgreens and I saw a bottle of Mariah Carey’s butterfly beverage and decided to try it. I must say that it looks appealing but it tastes terrible. I was expecting a lightly flavored water, but it tasted more like a sugary juice concoction. I didn’t like the taste, but I did like the slim, curvy pink bottle with beautiful butterflies. It’s also pretty thick and sturdy, not the typical flimsy plastic bottle. So I poured out the juice and filled it with water. $1.99 isn’t bad for a new water bottle.


One thought on “Butterfly Drinking

  1. Love your repurposing of the bottle! It’s so nice to see people caring about the environment. Sorry to hear the beverage wasn’t the greatest, though. Sometimes, less is definitely more when it comes to flavors!

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