Sexy Selfies


Everyone loves taking selfies. But, we could all use some help when trying to nail that amazing pic. Here are 7 selfie tips from singing sensation, Zendaya.

1. Smize. Smiling with your eyes is a sure fire way to make that camera melt. You can do this by thinking of something that makes you happy. You will instantly feel your eyes soften.

2. Wear an eye catching garment or accessory. Whether it’s your favorite necklace, some awesome bangles or a beautiful blouse, wearing an amazing little something will make you feel amazing and it will show in your selfie.

3. Catch the light. Nothing can ruin a selfie more than dark exposure, so be sure to find the light before you press that button.

4. Frame your face. Wearing a cute bob, choppy layers or blunt-cut bangs will make your face pop in any picture.

5. Arch those brows. Give your face an instant pop with well-manicured brows.

6. Bed head. Don’t be too made up when taking a ‘goodnight selfie.’ Ditch the makeup in favor of clear gloss and tossle that hair a little pretty girl.

7. Pay lip service. Make your lips the focal point of the pic with some amazing ruby red or popping pink lipstick.

Until next time pretty girl!


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