Boost Your Immune System This Winter


With cold and flu season upon us, I have a few tips to help all of you pretty girls keep your immune system up and running this winter.

1. Vitamin C

While taking all of your vitamins are important, there isn’t any vitamin more important during the winter than Vitamin C. Try Nature Made Vitamin C 500 mg.

2. Exercise

Consistent exercise is a great way to boost your immune system, although, it may be harder to get out during the colder winter months. If so, try workout DVDs. They still allow you to get in an adequate amount of cardio without ever having to leave the house. I happen to like Walk Away The Pounds by Leslie Sansone.

3. Diet

Certain foods can help to boost your immunity. Some of the best foods for your immune system are garlic and chili.

4. Warm Clothing

There’s something to be said for bundling up before you go out, especially your throat and chest. Thankfully, big scarves are in this season. They are warm, fashionable and are an essential accessory to any pretty girl’s wardrobe.

Stay well this winter pretty girls!


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