How To Text Him


So, you’re dying to go out with that handsome guy you’ve been crushing on, but he hasn’t asked you. Here are five tips on texting him without scaring him off.

1. Begin with a Hello

Just saying “hi” is a good way to open up the lines of communication without seeming overly pushy. Send him a text saying “Good Morning” and see where it goes from there.

2. Limit your emojis

Guys don’t like lots of emojis, especially the smiley faces with heart eyes and kisses. Reserve those for when he’s really your man. For now, stick to words and leave the emojis for your fabulous pretty girl friends.

3. Don’t text him back too quickly

Wait for at least thirty minutes to an hour before you text him back. This is especially true if it took him a while to text you. If the conversation is going back and forth quickly, then it’s fine to text back immediately. But, if you text him and it takes him thirty minutes to text you back and you text him back immediately, it makes it seem like you don’t have anything else going on. Play it cool pretty girl and let him wait a little.

4. Drop subtle hints

Instead of being direct and asking him out or asking him what he’s doing this weekend, drop subtle hints. Ask him if he’s seen a particular movie. If he says no, tell him that you haven’t either but you’ve been dying to see it. If he’s interested in seeing it with you then he’ll get the hint.

5. Don’t text first every time

If you’re always texting him first then there’s something wrong with this picture. Step back and give him a chance to miss you and make first contact. It may be 2014, but men still like to do the pursuing.

Until next time pretty girls!


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