Pointy or Square?


I went to the nail salon about a month ago in the mood to try something new. I had been seeing Instagram posts of perfectly pointed nails and I wanted some. They looked so great in the pictures.

Needless to say, the nail technician did not know what she was doing. I should have been alarmed when I saw the panic on her face when I asked for pointed instead of the standard square or rounded. She cut them after she applied the acrylic, which seemed like a waste of acrylic. Then she filed them down so unevenly that they all looked lopsided. Not to mention that she cut my finger with the nail file. I looked like a lame cat. Besides the fact that they were so sharp I was afraid I would poke my son’s eye out.

I was disgusted.

So, when I got home I cut them down and moved on with my life.

The point is, square is for me.

Even when I went to get my nails done last week, the girl tried to convince me to get pointed nails. She seemed much more competent in the technique, but I wasn’t having it.

I’ll stick to my square nails thank you very much.

To this, as well as other beauty trends, I say to each his own. You have to find what looks good on you and stick with that. Don’t worry about “what’s in,” because what’s in may not be what’s for you.

Until next time pretty girl.


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