This is Me

Yesterday I had what could be referred to as an epiphany. I finally came to the realization that being over-the-top is just me. I love to be all made up. When my appearance is enhanced is when I feel the most natural and free. 

It’s funny how people can make you feel less than for wanting to be more than. Especially as a black woman. Other black women make you feel like you have to wear your hair natural, with no make-up, and African head wraps and bamboo jewelry.  Only then will you be your most beautiful authentic self. 

That may be true, but I don’t think that’s the case for all women. Every woman has their own definition of what’s beautiful and should be allowed to do so. 

I tried to wear my hair short and natural. I minimalized my makeup and kept my nails short and natural. I looked just like everyone else. And I was miserable. I realized that I’m not everyone else, and I shouldn’t have to look like everyone else. 

It just so happens that I feel the most beautiful when my hair is long (weaved), my face is beat (makeup), my nails are done (gel), and I’m looking like a movie star. That’s when I feel like myself. 

It’s just me. 


2 thoughts on “This is Me

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  1. Totally agree that you should should do what makes you feel beautiful. It’s your life, after all, and the world would be very boring if we were all the same. 🙂 I think you look great in the photo and love how your lipstick coordinates with the floral shirt….very pretty!

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