Declaring Your Love


Social Media blew up yesterday when Amber Rose posted the picture above to her Instagram page and captioned it with a soliloquy professing her undying love for ex Wiz Khalifa and her desire for them to get back together.

At this moment, this picture has over a half a million likes and almost 80,000 comments, which begs the question…true love or publicity stunt?

Or, more to the point, is declaring your love on social media a legitimate way to solidify a relationship, or does it make you a target for ridicule and heartbreak?

That’s a tough question to answer. Especially when we are comparing the lives of celebrities to the lives of us common folk. We have to admit that there are many things they can do that we cannot do.

Another valid difference is that their breakups are public. Their rebounds are public. Their entire lives are public. Take Amber Rose, for example. When her and Wiz broke up, it was front page news. So were the pictures she was posting on Instagram in bikinis and out with friends, which Wiz himself commented and frowned upon. Then, the media wasn’t at a loss for words when posting pictures of their rebounds, which were varied and random.

So, it begs the question…if the breakup and the rebounds, arguments and flings can be made public fodder, why not the attempt to get him back?

Robin Thicke did it when he apologized to Paula on national television and dedicated an entire album to ‘getting her back.’

In weighing all of these variables, I tend to side with  the celebrities. Their breakups and relationship issues are made public because they are famous, albeit, most of the time this is done without their consent (cue the paparazzi). So, in a way, this could be looked at as a way for them to gain the upper hand, to control the destiny of their own relationships. On this note, I applaud Muva for taking this bold stand to reclaim her man. But, on the other hand, I can’t help but look at this as another cheap trick to remain relevant and to stir media attention once again. And exploiting the people you love for your own personal gain is low. Unless the people you love ask to be exploited (see below).

So the only question left to answer is, did it work?

Only time will tell. On his Instagram, Wiz posted three photos. One promoting a music artist (which has since been deleted…fishy, see above), one of himself and one of classic cars. No public declarations of love there.

And as for us pretty girls? Should we follow suit in public declaring our love for our MCMs or exes? In my opinion, I say no. While tempting, it could blow up in your face if your feelings are not reciprocated. Besides the fact that some business shouldn’t be everyone’s business. Have we learned nothing from Beyoncé and Jay-Z? They spent years in a wonderful relationship and marriage because they played it low key. The minute social media came along and Beyoncé started putting their love on display, they began having problems. From elevator fights, to rumors of infidelity and divorce, opening up your love life to the public leaves it vulnerable to scrutiny by any and everyone. When you have something good, keep it close to your heart.

From the wise words of Ginuwine…ain’t none of your friend’s business…

So, until next time pretty girl, remember…a pretty girl never tells.


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