Fat Acceptance is BS

   Enter Trisha Paytas, self-professed queen of the fat chicks. So, I watched this music video (Fat Chicks), as well as some of Trisha's YouTube videos and took a peek at her Instagram page, and I'm calling bs on this whole fat acceptance thing.  No one wants to be fat.  Trisha doesn't even want to... Continue Reading →


The Body Bible

    I'm so excited about delving into this new app. I got it this weekend for $9, which was a steal from the original $20. Holly Hagan is a TV reality star from Geordie Shore (I've never seen it). She lost 3 stone (42 pounds) and this app show step-by-step how you can do it... Continue Reading →

A Father is Worth a Thousand Words

   This post is just me being real. Really real. A good father cannot be based on Instagram photos or tweets. It can't be determined by Facebook posts, Vine videos or Snapchats. What we see is merely what others want us to see. What is real is what goes unposted.  Which is why we shouldn't... Continue Reading →

Apple Watch Review

  So, I've had my apple watch for about two months now. I feel like I've had it long enough to do an honest review.  The first thing I notice is that people always ask, "Is that an Apple Watch? How do you like it?" And I always try and be modest and downplay, replying with,... Continue Reading →

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