Apple Watch Review

  So, I’ve had my apple watch for about two months now. I feel like I’ve had it long enough to do an honest review. 

The first thing I notice is that people always ask, “Is that an Apple Watch? How do you like it?” And I always try and be modest and downplay, replying with, “I like it. I’m getting used to it.”

But that’s a lie. 

I don’t like it. 

I love it!

I’m all about wearables. I love anything that I can take with me everywhere. I think it looks adorable on my wrist and I can’t wait to put it on every morning. Here are my top 5 pros and cons. 


1. Battery Life- The battery lasts from 6 am to 11 pm for me, and it still has a charge when I take it off. Sometimes I take it off when I take an afternoon shower and do a quick-charge. I find it only takes about 15-20 minutes for it to fully charge, which is amazing. 

2. Lightweight- When I put it on I sometimes forget that I’m wearing it because it’s so lightweight and comfortable. 

3. Stylish- I love being able to interchange the watch faces. I can dress it up or dress it down. 

4. Versatile- I cannot wait for new third-part watch bands to come out in full force. There are so many ways to make the watch more personalized. 

5. Connected- I love being able to receive notifications, send and receive messages and send and receive phone calls without having to look at my phone! 


1. Watch Faces- I would love to have more options, especially for girls like us that love pretty things. Apple should really add more watch faces to their next watch update. 

2. Volume- I’d like the volume to be louder when talking on the phone. I have to hold the watch close to my ear to hear. 

3. Apps- The apps available for apple watch are very limited. 

4. Music- I wish I could listen to music on the watch instead of through my phone or Bluetooth headphones (although I do like using the watch as a remote control for my music). 

5. Camera- It would have been nice to have an actual camera on the watch to take pictures. Hoping that the next version has one. 

So overall, was it worth it? I think so. But you’ll have to decide for yourself pretty girl. 


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