Fat Acceptance is BS


Enter Trisha Paytas, self-professed queen of the fat chicks. So, I watched this music video (Fat Chicks), as well as some of Trisha’s YouTube videos and took a peek at her Instagram page, and I’m calling bs on this whole fat acceptance thing. 

No one wants to be fat.  Trisha doesn’t even want to be fat. And by all standards, she isn’t. At the most she’s plump. Probably a size 14-16, but definitely not fat. Besides the fact that she strategically positions herself in photos to look slimmer. And with all the makeup and hair extensions, I highly doubt that she accepts anything about herself. Everything must be enhanced. 

I’m all for loving yourself, but I refuse to jump on the plus-size bandwagon. My fat can go to hell and take my muffin top with it! 


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