Contour like a Pro!


Contouring is amazing. With contouring you can instantly slim and lift your face without a fad diet or plastic surgery. Check out the step-by-step instructions below from @glamher_booth and be sure to follow her on Instagram and check out her website at for the latest in makeup and beauty trends. 

Step 1. Start with a clean and dry face. 

Step 2. Begin contouring with a light concealer or yellow powder. Work from the tip of your nose, up to your hairline, then from the outsides of your nose to your temples (it reminds me of a flying bird). Finally draw a line from one corner or your mouth to the other (like the joker). This helps to give you an instant facelift. 

Step 3. Use a darker foundation or foundation stick to highlight areas you want to slim down. This would be your nose, your cheeks, your chin and your forehead. 

Step 4. Begin blending. The best way to blend is by using a blending sponge or a stipple brush. Take your time with this part, doing one side of your face at a time. This is when the magic happens. Be sure to work from the outside-in. Blending along the jawline and hairline will make your face look instantly slimmer. 

Step 5. After everything is blended, set the lighter parts with a translucent powder and the darker parts with a bronzer. 

Step 6. Finish the rest of your makeup, put your hair down and work it 💋


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